January 2011

Max-Prop ECOWIND wins the 2011 Freeman K. Pittman award from Sail Magazine

SAIL magazine has announced its annual Freeman K. Pittman Innovation Awards recognizing the best new gear in the marine industry, and the Max-Prop ECOWIND is one of the Pittman Innovation Award winners for 2011.

Pittman Innovation Award 2011The all new Max-Prop ECOWIND propeller is a true revolution in propulsion technology for sailboats. The patented spring based design drives the propeller pitch automatically to its optimum position according to the load. When the boat is accelerating the pitch flattens to allow the engine RPM’s and boat speed to increase quickly. Progressively as the vessel gets up to speed and the load decreases, the pitch increases.

The result, compared to a fixed pitch propeller is more boat speed with the same RPM’s, or the same boat speed at a lower RPM. The Max-Prop ECOWIND is four blade propeller designed to combine maximum efficiency and perfect balance. As an added feature the Max-Prop ECOWIND uses a pitch adjustment ring which allows you to tune the propeller pitch exactly to your boat and engine combination. Because the Max-Prop ECOWIND adjusts to the loads in play, it will never “overload” the engine and will respect the engine manufacturer required RPM’s.


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