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March 2012


New Offering Addresses Market Need for Affordable and User-friendly
Standalone Autopilot

Finally, a User-friendly  Standalone Autopilot

Lynnwood, Wash. – PYI, a premier manufacturer and distributor of high quality marine, boat, yacht and shipping equipment and supplies, announced today its new standalone autopilot, the Jefa AP-1 available from PYI. Designed for sailboats with up to 1080 pounds-per-foot (lbs/ft) of steering load (approximately 45-feet in length), the AP-1 is ideal for day sailors and weekend cruisers. The Jefa AP-1 autopilot answers the market’s request for an affordable and easy to operate standalone autopilot.

The Jefa AP-1 from PYI incorporates a three-dimensional, integral compass, similar to those used in high-end defense missiles, which ensures an extremely steady course even in high seas. Its powerful control algorithm, developed in conjunction with the naval department of the Technical University of Denmark, quickly and efficiently processes data and determines proper course adjustments. The AP-1’s user interface offers the ultimate in operation simplicity, sporting six functional buttons for use when steering under autopilot control - on/off, 10-degrees port, 3-degrees port, tack, 3-degrees starboard and 10-degrees starboard.

“The Jefa AP-1 from PYI is easy to install, easy to set-up, and has only three main components – a control head, junction box and mechanical drive,” said Kevin Woody, vice president, PYI Inc. “Typical autopilot systems on the market have five components in their simplest form – a control head, junction box, fluxgate compass, rudder feedback unit and drive unit. Our AP-1 conveniently integrates the three-dimensional compass into the waterproof control head and the rudder feedback unit into the drive unit, resulting in a user-friendly, cutting-edge solution with reduced complexity and cost.”

Designed for sailing vessels up to 45-feet, the Jefa AP-1 from PYI is suitable for tiller as well as wheel-steered boats using an under deck autopilot drive such as linear, direct, sprocket, transmission and compact drives. The AP-1 is kitted with a mechanical linear drive unit or a mechanical direct drive unit, which are renowned for their compact size and energy efficiency. The unit can also be purchased separately for use in conjunction with Jefa sprocket, transmission or compact drives. The AP-1 control panel is 100% watertight, meeting the IP67 standard (submersible). The unit draws 7 Amps average on 12 volts and has a peak power draw of 15 Amps. The Jefa AP-1 from PYI is protected by a 2-year warranty.

Pricing and Availability:

The Jefa AP-1 from PYI is available in two models, the 17AP112LD (for 20- to 40-foot vessels) and the 17AP112DD (for 30- to 45-foot vessels), and is priced at US $3,500 and $4,500, respectively. The unit is available for purchase from authorized PYI dealers, installers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada, as well as directly from PYI.


Jefa AP-1 Autopilot from PYI with Direct Drive Steering Control

Jefa AP-1 Autopilot from PYI with Direct Drive Steering Control


Jefa AP-1 Autopilot from PYI with Linear Drive Steering Control

Jefa AP-1 Autopilot from PYI with Linear Drive Steering Control

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