PYI Now Fendertex Distributor

Published: 02/18/20 at 01:49pm

PYI Inc. is excited to announce that we are now the exclusive North and South American distributors for Fendertex®.

Fendertex® is the leading manufacturer of inflatable textile fenders for the yachting market. The Fendertex® standard line offers cylindrical, spherical, and tandem fenders. Fendertex® also offers a wide range of customizable textile fenders and accessories.

  • Lightest fender in the world!
  • Can be deflated and rolled or folded for storage
  • Built to withstand an immense amount of pressure
  • Adapts to large temperature fluctuations and holds shape after long periods of compression
  • Available in three standard shapes and ten standard colors
  • Customized sizes, colors, and embroidery options available
  • Available accessories include fender covers, sheathed D-rings, ropes, pumps, and custom embroidery

Ultra Lightweight


Fendertex® Fenders are ultralightweight, making them easier to handle than typical PVC or other inflatable fenders

  • Up to 95% lighter compared to PVC fenders
  • Up to 40% lighter than other inflatable fenders

Fendertex is space saving

Space Saving

Storage of traditional fenders is often an issue on vessels. Fendertex® Fenders are designed to minimize the use of storage space. Once deflated and rolled or folded, a set of fenders can easily be placed into a locker.

  • 95% smaller when deflated compared to standard PVC fenders
  • 50% smaller when deflated than other inflatable fenders
  • Quickly inflates and deflates

Fendertex is space saving


  • Compression strength ranges from 4,400 lbs to 44,100 lbs, depending on the fender model
  • Automatically adapts to temperature swings
  • Holds shape after extended periods of pressure
  • Highly resistant to UV color fading, due to the use of solution-dyed textile

Custom Options

Custom Covers
The knitted Fendertex® covers are customizable, any design logo or boat name can be added to the cover.

Custom Embroidery
Cover, retention strap and long side strap can be custom embroidered.

Wide Variety of Colors
The fenders are available in ten standard colors, as are sheathed D-rings, covers, ropes, and stitching.

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