Important Boat Maintenance and Product News

As we move closer and closer to the launch dates of our vessels, it's essential that we deal with maintenance items that either require service to be done – or make the process easier – when the boat is out of the water.

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PYI New Product: Revolve Boat Hook - Now Available

We're starting 2022 with some big news by adding another unique product to our lineup. Introducing the Revolve Boat Hook, the world's first rollable boat hook.


Boat Shows Are Booming Again

I’m thrilled to report that boat shows are back in business. Vendors have the latest products to offer, customers are flocking to their booths, and there’s a feeling of electricity in the air once again. Here’s a recap.


Join Us In Celebrating Some Key Milestones

As this newsletter goes to press, the Newport International Boat Show – the first boat show of the fall season – is in full swing, which is especially exciting since we’ve all had to wait two long years since the last show in 2019.

But there’s another reason to celebrate: it’s the Newport International Boat Show’s golden anniversary.


Now's The Perfect Time to Schedule Your Fall Projects

The first boat show is just weeks away … and although many of us feel like we’ve just gotten our boats back in the water, fall is just around the corner. This means it’s time to start scheduling upcoming projects with your boatyard – whether it’s an upgrade, new gear wants, or annual maintenance to keep your craft in shipshape condition.

Boat Shows are Back in 2021

Published 07/19/21 at 11:23am

After what seemed like an interminably long hiatus, boat shows are back – and we couldn’t be more excited. Even though we’ve been busy over the past 18 months innovating new products, there’s nothing like seeing and meeting thousands of fellow boating enthusiasts. We look forward to connecting with you – our boating friends, brand ambassadors, and dealers – again.

At PYI, We Take Customer Service Very Personally

Published 06/21/21 at 03:38pm

In the past newsletter issues, we’ve talked about the importance of getting ready for the boating season. Judging by the number of boats I’ve seen on Puget Sound, you’re not only ready – you’re out there. And we’ll help to keep you out there.

We Are Making Sure You Have What You Need – When You Need It

Published 05/13/21 at 07:39am

The past year has affected our lives in many ways – and that includes our passion for boating.

Most likely, you’re getting ready to tackle the final action items to get your vessel back out and on the water. This may include ensuring your boat is operating at expected optimal efficiency and safety. However, you may be having difficulty finding the parts you need within a reasonable delivery timeline. Some companies, for instance, are experiencing up to a four-to six-week lead time, which isn’t a viable option when you’re eager to get cruising and your season may only be a short few months.

Spring Maintenance Lineup – The Sequel

Published 04/19/21 at 02:18pm

As the weather continues to get warmer, getting back out on the water again becomes a genuine and tangible prospect. Which makes it even more essential to take a close look at our vessel to make sure it's up to speed, operationally sound, and engineered for optimal performance.

Your Spring Maintenance Lineup

Published 03/24/21 at 09:15am

PYI has a vested interest in making sure you are aware of some of the items that can affect your boat's long-term use. Keeping your boat, a considerable asset, at an operational level helps to ensure its seaworthiness, and we don't have to tell you it's also more affordable in the long run. If you're interested in what it will take to get out on the water this year, read on.