Quit hurting yourself, get some Clamp Jackets

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cut myself on the tails of hose clamps and other worm gear style of clamps. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has run into this problem. There has to be a simple fix to this problem! And there is, PYI makes these little rubber covers that slip over the ends of hose clamps.

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How Long Has Max-Prop Been Around?

The Max-Prop was designed in 1975 in Milan Italy, with the idea to solve the age-old problem of drag caused by auxiliary propulsion on sailing yachts.


Should My Rudder Bearings Be Self-Aligning?

PYI offers both self aligning and non-self aligning Jefa rudder bearings. Which should you have on your boat? What is the point of the self aligning feature? Why would you spend the extra dollars on it? Ian explains it all here, read more to find out which is best for you!


R&D Flexible Shaft Couplings Gets Rid of Vibrations

Are you tired of excessive vibrations coming from you drivetrain? One solution to help reduce drivetrain vibrations is a R&D flexible coupling. The flexible coupling is made of a polyurethane element that reduces vibration by flexing instead of compressing.


The Ins and Outs of a Seaview Custom Mount

You may find yourself needing a marine electronic radar mount but have very specific requirements. Off the shelf mounts just won’t work as they won’t fit your specific application. Here Jason Abrahamsen answers some of the more common questions regarding Seaview custom radar and satdome mounts.

Anchor Your Floor Boards!

Published 01/24/13 at 08:21am

Frustrated with trying to figure out how to secure your floor boards so that they are secure and can be easily opened? PYI’s OEM Floor Anchors are the perfect solution for securing floor boards up to ¾” thick.

What Is Propeller Pitch?

Published 12/18/12 at 01:03pm

So why do we use pitch if it isn't the actual distance the propeller travels? Basically it is a reference point that through experience we know that a specific diameter and pitch will load an engine correctly.

Why a feathering propeller for my Sailboat?

Published 12/08/12 at 01:52pm

With all of the low drag sailboat propellers on the market today. Why should you buy a feathering propeller? Fred gives some good points on why a feathering propeller just might be what you need.

Which Way Am I Turning?

Published 12/07/12 at 01:31pm

Everything on a boat is viewed stern to bow. Propeller rotation is no different; a right hand propeller rotates Clockwise viewed from the stern of the boat looking forward. A Left hand propeller rotates Counter Clockwise viewed from the stern of the boat looking forward.

Cheap Insurance and Peace of Mind

Published 11/26/12 at 01:17pm

The Shaft Retention Collar aka SRC is designed to help retain the propeller or rudder shaft in your vessel in the event of a catastrophic failure of the coupling or if the shaft comes free of the coupling.