Production Machining

Our focus is to provide customers with a quick turn around time for machining jobs at competitive prices. We focus on small to medium sized runs using our diverse set of CNC lathes and mills. Our highly experienced team currently machines parts for the aerospace, marine, industrial, and medical industries.

  • Our typical run sizes are between 5 to 1,000 parts.
  • We have the flexibility to acommodate rush jobs.
  • Our purchasing agents have access to competitively priced material if needed.


We can help you take your idea from concept to production. Our engineers are highly experienced at designing and developing new parts. We use Solidworks CAD design, the leading solid modeler for machining for precision in designing and machining.



Haas DS 30SSY
CNC Lathe

Mori Seiki MV Junior

Mori Seiki MV Junior
CNC Mill

Mori Seiki SV-50

Mori Seiki SV-50
CNC Mill

MAZAK Quick Turn 15 Mark II

MAZAK Quick Turn 15 Mark II
CNC Lathe

Mazatrol Quick Turn 10 T-1

Mazatrol Quick Turn 10 T-1
CNC Lathe

Graziano SAG 210

Graziano SAG 210
Manual Lathe


In addition to the few examples below we have also done work for the aerospace, marine, industrial and medical industries.

Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
Project 6
Project 7
Project 8
Project 9
Project 10

Quoting Process

To get a quote on your specific machining needs, you can contact us via email or on our website.

  1. Send us an email at attaching any necessary drawing and/or documents.
  2. Fill out our contact form.

To provide you with a timely and accurate quote, typically we need the following items:

Drawings - Mechanical drawings containing the specific details of the component(s) you need manufactured.

Materials, coatings, heat treating, etc. - Normally drawing files include material specifications and any heat treating, plating, coatings, etc. that are required.

Quantities - Please specify the batch quantities of each part that you would like us to quote to you. In our business, every operation requires a setup of the associated machine and process required, this setup is allocated across the batch quantity into a per-piece price for you. As a result, the larger the batch size, the more the setup costs is lowered per part. We can easily quote multiple quantities for you so you can easily see and evaluate the difference.

After we review the provided information we will contact you with pricing and lead time for your machining needs.

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