Accessories for Max-Prop automatic feathering propellers


You can find everything you need to keep your Max-Prop running in tip top shape here at PYI Inc. As part of the maintenance of your Max-Prop propeller, you should grease it once a year and replace the Anode whenever it wears away, at least once a year.

Velox Plus Antifouling Paint

Antifouling paint for Max-Prop propellers

Marine growth on any propeller can dramatically reduce the efficiency of the propeller. Velox Plus is a hard finish antifouling paint developed specifically to protect propellers, shafts, struts, SailDrive's and other metallic parts immersed in the water. it is a great solution for an age old problem.

Grease Kits

Grease Kits for Max-Prop propellers

Max-Props should be greased once a year. This can be done in or out of the water. If the boat is in the water year round you should have a diver in the water at least once a year check anodes; they can grease the propeller at that time. Or, if the boat is hauled every year, it is easy to grease it while it is out of the water. We recommend Lubriplate 130 AA grease.

Zinc & Aluminum Anodes

Zinc and aluminum anodes for Max-Prop propellers

Keeping a quality sacrificial anode on your Max-Prop is critical to a long life for the propeller. Galvanic corrosion can destroy any piece of metal on a boat. A quality anode will help to protect your investment. PYI Inc. provides both zinc and aluminum anodes. All of our Anodes have a metal ring molded into the anode to assist in disbursing the electrical current throughout the entire anode, improving the length of protection.

Screw Kits

Screw Kits for Max-Prop propellers

These screw kits include all the screws you need to replace the fasteners on your Max-Prop. If you ever damage a screw or just want shiny new ones this will get you what you need.

Combo Boxes

Combo Boxes for Max-Prop propellers

The Combo Box provides the supplies you will need to service your Max-Prop for quite some time. It includes: 2 spinner & 2 endcap screws, 3 zinc's, grease gun, 2 tubes of grease, 2 zercs & 2 plugs, cotter pin set, and allen wrenches for your propeller.

SailDrive Zincs

SailDrive zincs for Max-Prop propellers

Sacrificial zinc anode for Max-Prop's installed on a SailDrive unit.