R&D Flexible Shaft Couplings To The Rescue

Published: 12/17/13 at 12:46pm

R&D Marine Flexible Shaft Couplings are designed to isolate vibrations between the shaft coupling and transmission output flange. In addition to lessening vibration it also acts as a sacrificial element in the event of hard gear changes or major propeller impact.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution aka RNLI (UK based lifeboat search and rescue) depends on the R&D Flexible Shaft Couplings to help them reach stranded boaters. RNLI provides search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland, saving thousands of lives every year. Since time is of the essence for these rescuers their boats are frequently pushed to their limits. This usually implies that there are a lot of harsh gear changes as well a lot of strain put on the shaft and prop from slamming down off of waves.

Failsafe Design

If the machined, polyester elastomer element were to break from impact there is a strap on either side of the coupling that will retain the connection between the shaft and transmission flange. So, failures will never be catastrophic and you will be able to limp back to shore. This is one reason the RNLI has chosen the R&D Flexible Coupling over alternatives because a rescue team cannot afford to be dead in the water. To read more on what sets us apart from the competition read “R&D Marine Flexible Shaft Coupling vs. Other Brands”.

-Kenneth Planck